• Drive. Park. Run.
  • Another Broken Arm for Owen
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Drive. Park. Run.

Tiverton, RI

My father-in-law advised me to run near the water. Run different routes. Run with him??   Let's be clear here. I cannot keep up with my 60 something father-in-law. He is a marathoner after all. Some day I hope to be able to run alongside someone without running at a snail's pace. But isn't this ... [ Read More ]

Another Broken Arm for Owen

Broken Ulna and Radius

We had a terrific Wednesday. Woke up to some snow, sent the big kids off to school for Neon/80's day and hung out with Owen and Andrew. I dismissed the big kids early from school and took them ALL to the dentist. We had a great visit with no cavities and no problems getting up in the big chair. I ... [ Read More ]