• Get Your Scentsy On
  • How to Make Minion Eye Pretzel Snacks
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Get Your Scentsy On

One of the best selling and most popular Scentsy warmers - Cream Tulip

"Mom, sniff in. It smells like the beach in here!" "Really? You think so? "Ya, sniff up. Don't you smell it? Can you smell it? See? Doesn't it smell goooood?" I'm not the only one who likes this Scentsy stuff around here. Owen likes it too. I had no idea really. I knew I liked candles; ... [ Read More ]

How to Make Minion Eye Pretzel Snacks

How To Make The Cutest Minion Pretzel Snacks Ever!

Have you guys seen the Minion movie yet? I had the pleasure of taking the kids to see it this time and we had a blast, minus a little Junior Mint fiasco. As we were leaving the theater, Owen tried to give his brother one of those big, mean body bumps, but instead he stopped dead in his tracks and ... [ Read More ]