Magic Beans Saves the Day

After the trials and tribulations of much stroller research we came across the Baby Jogger City Mini at Magic Beans. They are the only retailer in our area that carries all the strollers we were interested in for our trip to Disney World. Eli Gurock, the founder of Magic Beans, is a stroller guru. He […]

The Anticipation……


Is always so exciting. Sometimes even more exciting than the trip itself! I tried to hide the Pop-Tarts. (They were on sale, people!!!) Felt so good to shop for Aidan today (something I rarely do since he lives in a world of hand-me downs.) But just think, little #3 can wear these cute duds too! […]

28 Weeks

I had my 28 week appointment yesterday. Had to gulp down the yummy Glucola on the way for my gestational diabetes blood test. The good news is that I passed! The bad news is that my iron is a little low and I have to start taking an iron supplement (once again.) Slow FE here […]

One Week To Go!

Not many more sleeps now until we leave on our Disney adventure. Today I had the pleasure of sitting down with two local Disney panelists from the WDW Moms Panel. I met Kaylene J. and Chris G., who filled me in on SO many tips and ideas for what to do once we get there […]

Easter 2010


The Easter Bunny left some pretty good loot! And then we were off to mass… There was an egg hunt… “Is there anything on my face?” “Cuz I think you have some chocolate on your face.” “We’re still super cute though.” An incredibly fun Easter… That we wish didn’t have to end!

27 weeks


I’ve been such a slacker. I’ve heard it happens with #2 and beyond. I used to love my weekly poses on Beach St. from about week 8 and onward with Emily. With Aidan I was still pretty good, starting later, maybe around 18 weeks with some major gaps. Well, today I finally asked Daddy if […]

A Not-So-Wild-Goose-Chase


This afternoon I ventured off to Braintree to the Baby Furniture Warehouse with the kids to test out the Phil and Ted Sport Buggy. Well, stupid Mommy should have checked their hours before hopping in the Traverse with both kiddies strapped in the back. Not a soul in the parking lot and the sign on […]