"My Oh My, He’s SO Good Looking"

Dear Z,
Thank you so much for blasting that country music at ATO from 1997 onward.  It worked.  You dragged me to Country Fest 1999 and I started listening to the Chicks, Jo Dee, Tim and even George!  From then on, I’ve been doing my best to convert others.  My sis is finally sold and so are a few close friends, but I still get the occasional, “Annie, I didn’t know you listened to that.”  Now I remember when I thought the same way…”it’s all just a bunch of stupid people in big hats and a whole lot of twang.” 
We all know that there’s been a lot of “crossover” from various artists over the years, playing some country hits on pop stations.   I kinda love that because it gets more people thinking they should convert.  Chris and I even danced our first dance in July of 2004 to country music.  Tim and Faith’s “It’s Your Love.”  
Well, Z, I just wanted you to know that I hold you fully accountable and I’m grateful for that.  I should probably also thank a fond friend and roommate from VA. who also played the good stuff.  She had me listening to Blake Shelton’s “Austin” back in 2001.  Z, I want you to know it is o.k. if you still have posters of Shania plastered to your walls because today I am going out to buy posters of Blake Shelton for my walls.  My oh my, he’s SOOOOOOOOO good looking.  And how did he know that I paint my toes because I bite my nails?
Who turned you on to country music?
Blake & Brad on the Big Screen at Comcast Center


  1. 1

    FIL says

    I think it was the guy who tried to pee right in front of us at the Kenny Chesney concert who set me on the road to my current feelings about country music and (most) country music fans. Good job my other DIL is a lawyer. She gave him a good telling-off and he went away to go and pee on someone else.

  2. 2

    Jason says

    Wow, looks like a fun concert! Glad to see you finally come around. And I'm excited to make it into your blog, with all your adventures and travels. We all love checking out the latest videos of you and Chris and the kids in that stylish yet rugged Chevy Traverse. – Z

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