My First 5K is Just Around the Corner

So do you want to know what the best thing is about signing up for a 5K? You feel committed. Once you sign up, you have to start running. I tried to start running last spring, but only ran a few times over the summer months, mainly because it’s too bloody hot to run! Chris kept telling me, you’ll enjoy it more in the fall. It’s so much easier.

And then, on September 16th, a fall blast of cool air arrived. And who’s signed up to run her first 5K this Sunday morning? Yup, it’s the day after tomorrow and I’m nervous! So earlier in the week, my amazing baby-sitter who I often boast about, tells me she bought a brand new pair of Reebok running shoes from the concept store (brand new items at half price for friends and family) that are super cute and in reality, are too small for her. They were so cute, that she thought she should buy them anyway and make them fit. That, along with another cute pair in the next size up. She brought them in, let me try them on, and told me I could keep them!  So not only is she the best sitter on the planet, she’s now our personal shopper!  They looked big and I’m never a 9.5, but they do run small. How cute are these Reebok RealFlex? Pink and orange, yeah baby! But how will they actually work out as a running shoe?

Reebok RealFlex

I just went out for a test-run on Sunday’s course.  I ran 2.5 miles (without stopping) and the new kicks are amazing.  No problems, no blisters, fit like a pair of socks, pliable, lightweight, AMAZING.  I love them.  They made running fun today.  That, along with this mighty fine weather that allowed me to wear pants…no bad shorts causing any chafing.  Ahhhh, running weather!

But what should I have for breakfast on race day?  How much water should I be drinking between now and race day? What if I have to go pee?  Or worse?  These are the things “running” through my head.

So it may seem silly, it is just a 5K afterall, but I’m proud of myself for coming this far.  I hope I have motivated or inspired some others out there to start something new and get fit ~ even if you’re starting small like me. I’m already looking forward to signing up for my next one.  It’s amazing what a $20 registration fee and an official date can do for the soul.  I know I can do this.  At least I’ll have the cutest sneaks.

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