Getting Our Christmas Tree

I was tipped off by a friend this year about a Christmas tree farm in town that uses a different process than most.  Heck, I was promised a tree stand that doesn’t involve twisting and turning and yanking and yelling.  A stand straight Christmas tree stand that could save your marriage?  I was intrigued.  A must-see.  A drilled hole in the bottom of our tree so that the tree is guaranteed to stand centered and straight?  No leaning? Too good to be true, right?  WRONG!

Indian Rock Farm is located in our hometown of Foxborough, MA and don’t get me wrong, the trees are pricey.  But what they have to offer can’t be found anywhere else! Our tree is amazing, we had lots of help at the farm and our tree went through a very special process.

Christmas Tree Farm

Christmas Tree

  • We got a fresh cut premium balsam fir (with a killer smell.)
  • They clean your tree in a shaker so that all the loose debris falls off before you bring your tree into your home.  It’s a pretty neat idea, if you ask me!
  • They align your tree vertically and drill a hole in the bottom of the trunk, so it can fit in the “Stand Strait” Christmas tree stand.
  • We purchased a “Stand Strait” stand right at the farm, for $29.
  • After the shake, alignment, and drilling, they net wrap your tree!  When the tree is net wrapped,  your trees branches are protected and it’s much easier to bring it into your home and get it in the stand!  There will be NO MESS of pine needles all over your house!  AMAZING!
  • The tree stand really is a marriage saver!  Our tree is straight!
Check out our video below to watch the process!  No vacuuming needed when you bring in your tree!  (Just a little dust busting!)  How does it work in your family?  Sappy hands?  Yelling?  Shouting?  Twisting? Headed for divorce?   Ya, those days are gone. Get this amazing stand and go get your tree at a location that can drill a hole in the bottom of your tree!  We’ll be going back to Indian Rock Farm every year from now on!


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