Great Hair and A Broken Neck at the Salon

So, you sit in the chair for three hours at the salon getting gorgeous.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it there.  No kids, an awesome head massage, peace and quiet, a few magazines.  But that damn salon shampoo chair…

You know the one.

I don’t need a recliner, but I do need a chiropractor!

It hurts. so. badly.  Enough to cause bruising and sleeping problems.  WTF?  Please don’t anyone touch the back of my neck for 48 hours.

I spent a fortune.  I left in a neck brace.

This is a cry for help.  Someone, please.  Are you listening?  Invent some sort of support for the damn neck slot or a better solution.

Single process, double process, shampoo, condition, refreshing glaze, rinse.  IT BLOODY HURTS!

Who’s with me?


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    LOL I think you’ve got a crappy salon. The one I went to hear is so darn comfy I almost fall asleep in the chair while they wash my hair. But it’s expensive so it’s like a once in three years kinda treat for myself.

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