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Don’t Forget Your Rainbow Loom!

This morning, as I nursed little Andrew at an early hour, I heard the big kids talking and giggling, all snug up in Emily’s bed together. Cute little chatter ensued. Ahhhh, they’re being good. Then I learned that there was obvious looming business going on.


Three year old shrieks. Comes running into our bedroom.

“Emily hit me with her crazy loom!”

No, she didn’t. She doesn’t even have the crazy loom. She has the Rainbow Loom. But he thinks it’s all a bit crazy. As he should, if she’s hitting him with it? Ouch. She claims he was coughing on her. The other one had bad breath. Brothers.

Rainbow Loom Holiday Gift @anniestow

She’s been looming for the past six weeks. It was a gift from Nana the week before Andrew arrived when she first got hit with puke bug #1 of the season. BEST. GIFT. EVER!

Holy cow. After a few days playing around with it she said, “This really keeps me busy.” That’s an understatement.

She looms first thing in the morning, when she gets off the bus and before dinner. She looms on the weekends and before she goes to bed. She has found some amazing YouTube tutorials to learn new designs. After one quick tutorial, she’s a pro and up and running with new varieties. At seven years old, she quickly picked it up and is now even able to create her own designs. She’s damn good.

So, boy or girl, young or old, your kids need to get their hands on a loom. It’s a whacked out craze right now, I know, but it really DOES keep her busy. We only have one. I hear you can do amazing things when you have TWO!!!!! The bands come in all sorts of colors and styles. She was super stoked last night when she started opening her birthday presents from her friends. They’re on to her! Charms, Christmas colors, C clips, S clips galore!!! It’s great to be (almost) eight. You can purchase some super fun holiday bands and charms here.

You need a place to keep your loom bands. We started out by using Ziploc bags for storage, but it wasn’t easy. Today, we went to Bass Pro Shops and got a tackle box with adjustable compartments for sorting colors. Or you could go crazy and buy your kid the actual Rainbow Loom Box. No matter how you slice it though, you’ll find those rubber bands all over your house.

Pick up a tackle box with adjustable compartments

Pick up a tackle box with adjustable compartments

If I ever forget which baby is which in photos, I’ll be able to differentiate little Drew by my wrist. Yes, I gave birth wearing a Rainbow Loom bracelet or two.

Don’t forget, you can get super loom fancy. She got these for her birthday and says they are her favorite:

Winter Charms.

Tie Dye Glitter Bands.

Glow in the Dark Bands.

It’s a fun, creative obsession in our house. Highly recommended. Get your kid the Rainbow Loom. Like Yesterday.

Oh, and if you get clocked in the head with it, it’s not my fault.

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