Chipotle Fun with #Sofritas. And Then Puke. Again.

We went into Boston on a weeknight – the hubs and I. As we were headed in to taste their new item on the menu – their ONLY addition in the past 20 years – something SO BIG, that it’s been a YEAR in the making, I was nervous. The word TOFU doesn’t really sit well with me, being a carnivore and all. BUT, I will tell you – DELISH. I chose to eat it again with my carnitas bowl because it was THAT tasty. So all the vegans out there will be delighted on Monday when they get to try the new #Sofritas at their local Chipotle Mexican Grill! Does your Chipotle serve Margaritas? I found out that the one on Cape Cod certainly DOES! We’ve got bottled beer in Mansfield, but no margs. Boy, did that lovely Chris from the Cape Cod store know how to make a good margarita! Thanks for the fun Chipotle. We had a blast and really hope to bring you a Chipotle giveaway soon!!! Stay tuned friends!

#Sofritas Boston


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