Starting Solids

*Disclosure: I received the Sage Spoonfuls On the Go Package to take part in this vlogging series. All opinions are my own. 

Andrew hit a fun milestone yesterday! He had his first taste of rice cereal at five months and 2 days! I just can’t get over how fast this kid is growing. He is super long and most of his 9 months outfits don’t even fit him anymore! When to start solids We had a fun day together and we know he’s going to be a very good eater. Today, we begin the process of homemade, organic baby food – lucky kid #4! Did you make your own baby food for your babies? I’m so excited to get started! This is such a huge milestone and it’s so much fun to watch babies try new foods! I LOVE watching their little reactions to all the sweet tastes! Wondering if your child is ready for solids? Be sure to speak to your pediatrician, but some of the signs of readiness include:

  • Can sit with support
  • Baby shows an interest in what you’re eating
  • Baby has lost the tongue-thrust reflex
  • Baby opens mouth for spoon
  • Beginning to use pincer grasp
Sage Spoonfuls

Let’s Get Started Package with Glass Jars from Sage Spoonfuls

I’m really excited to start him on yummy foods like avocados, peas, bananas, apples, carrots and MORE! I’m so excited to be providing my little guy with wholesome goodness straight from my kitchen! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get some healthy recipe ideas for baby with help from Sage Spoonfuls. Check out our unboxing video from last night! The new bamboo spoons and large glass jars from Sage Spoonfuls are awesome for the whole family!


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