Wonderful Halos {Giveaway}

Wonderful Halos MandarinsI’m like a new person over here. No more Diet Coke, no more junk food, counting calories and making healthier choices. Speaking of healthier choices, meet the tasty, sweet snack that is Wonderful Halos! Have you seen them in your local grocery store? To be honest, I used to always get clementines and mandarins oranges mixed up! But now, I’m informed!! No more clementines for me – mandarins all the way!

Wonderful Halos are:

  • California grown
  • Seedless
  • Palm-sized fruit with “pure goodness”
  • A healthy alternative to fatty foods that our little angels are sure to love
  • Easy to pack in lunches and take to sporting events
  • In season November – April
  • So cute and tiny – perfect for little hands to peel


Wonderful Halos are also doing good, and I love that. They are part of a huge initiative called the Feeding America BackPack program. Wonderful Halos is doing good by fighting hunger here in America. They are filling backpacks with a network of food banks which help provide healthy food for kids to get them through the weekend. Bags of food are assembled at more than 150 local food banks and distributed to nearly 230,000 children every year. Big kudos to Wonderful Halos for fighting hunger right here in America.

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So would you like to taste the pure goodness for yourself? I’ve got a Wonderful Halos Prize Pack for one lucky reader here at Stowed Stuff! Winner will receive:

  • 3 coupons to purchase your very own bags of Wonderful Halos (each coupon is valued at $10.99)
  • A glow in the dark T-shirt (LOVE MY SHIRT!)
  • Halos bag
  • Halos hat

Good luck my friends! Winner must be 18+ and be a U.S. resident. Enter below using the Rafflecopter!

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  1. 9

    Terri Moore says

    After spending a depressing afternoon trying on swimsuits I need to start making healthier choices for eating too. Fresh fruit is going to be my go to when my sweet tooth strikes.

  2. 15

    Carolsue says

    Can you believe I have never tried these? If I win, that would be the perfect opportunity, though! Thanks.

  3. 17

    lisa says

    perfect lunchbag snack for the kids…and I feel less guilty packing something not so healthy to balance it out:)

    • 19


      I met my perfect mastrets one day It was while staying at The Sherry-Netherland in NY, man was that a good mastrets. I never got the name of it though, sometimes I feel like calling and just asking um, hello what name and model mastretses do you have in your rooms? too bad I don’t remember the room number Happy to hear that you found your dream bed : )

    • 22


      I started mkanig home cooked meals for my dogs after reading The Whole Pet Diet by Andi Brown where I originally came to know Spot’s Chicken Stew. I’ve been mkanig homemade meals since but still do incorporate some canned food in with each meal. I mostly have used Wellness and Castor-Pollux Organix which my dogs eat with no problem. After seeing Ellen endorsing Halo on her show I decided to try the canned and my dogs love it !!! I stock up when it s on sale and I prefer giving this food over the others. The pull tops lids with the smaller cans are great for road trips . That’s for a great product .And thanks Ellen

  4. 26

    Nicole G. says

    I bought Halo’s once when we the grocery store was out of boxes of clementines. They were delicious. I have continued to buy both, though.

  5. 32

    Jennifer Reed says

    We love Halos at our house. They are such a yummy and quick snack for kids that are always hungry.

    • 36


      Thanks, love! I’m so mad about the damn tag!!! I COULD be getting a free mtterass and totally be able to justify the office system, but NO now I’ve got to pay an assload of cash so I can get BOTH!!

    • 37


      Rach you leave me speechless! You and Minnie are the best Missionaries I know! Tell Minnie God wants her to have a Halo now to get used to how big her CROWN in Heaven will be!!!! Love all four of you so much! Heal quick Minnie girl, Molly is exncetipg a visit while we are in El Salvador! AI love you so much Minnie, heal quick and keep witnessing! -JaydenI hope you get well Minnie! Thanks for teaching me the leperchuan dance. Keep sharing Jesus. -MollyHi Minnie, I hope you heal quick, it is really cool how you have opportunities to witness, um keep spreading Jesus -Stevie[]

  6. 45

    Laurie Emerson says

    I buy Halos all the time. They are perfect for snacks and lunches and I love how sweet and juicy they taste!

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