Confidence Matters

A few nights ago, I was invited to get together with some of my favorite bloggers and friends to talk about the profession of blogging. We discussed sponsored content, campaigns and finding the balance when writing for our audience. We got into some AWESOME conversation.

Amongst the conversation, I spoke up and told the group one of my favorite quotes, “Fake it ’til you make it.”


I think it’s my mantra.

We were talking about dollars and cents and mentoring other bloggers and how much we get paid to do the things we do.

One of my friends gave me the BIGGEST compliment ever and I’ve been riding high on it ever since. Thank you Red Shutters.

She said, “Annie, I can’t believe you’re a teacher. You should be in a boardroom or be a lawyer. I picture you really high up making big decisions. I was listening to NPR the other day and they were talking about how CONFIDENCE is everything when it comes to women and business.”

Now, ain’t that the truth?

Wow, really? I couldn’t wait to tell this to Chris!

Be Confident

I couldn’t agree more about the confidence thing. Confidence.

Do you have it?

Where the heck does it come from?

I found it somewhere along the way.

I was NOT confident about ANYTHING in junior high or high school. I never really fit in with the popular girls and I floated around from group to group quietly trying to find my way. I was afraid of my bushy hair, my boobs, my clothes, the way others perceived me – all of it. I had to work really hard in school — math and science were both a struggle. I was everything BUT confident.

So where did my confidence come from and when did it finally decide to show up? Thank GOD for my awesome parents and grandparents who were always telling me I was awesome. I heard them.

So was it teaching? Finding the things I loved? Getting good grades in college and working hard? Traveling abroad to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji? Meeting new people?

I think I found it in college. I had to break away from all those crazy perceptions of myself that were floating around in my head to find my confidence. In seventh grade, I begged my mom to let me go to public school. I had high hopes — new friendships, no uniform, a locker, cheerleading, BOYS! But there was this one kid who made it his job to pick on me and he constantly made me feel badly about myself in every possible way. Isn’t that INSANE? At 37 years old I can still tell you the name of that kid who stole my confidence. The humiliation that came from his “jokes”, name-calling, pointing, and laughing really did a number on my confidence.

When I got wind that the mean kid from junior high was going to a private high school in another  town, I was the happiest girl in Norwood. He would be out of my hair. No more jokes, no more picking on me on the bus or in class. I remember it THAT well.

So what’s the message here about confidence? Man, it does go a LONG way and I wish I hadn’t been robbed. I can’t imagine how I would have carried myself in my earlier years if all those hurtful words hadn’t been spoken. Our kids need to hear our stories.

As a parent, I want all four of my kids to always have confidence. But what if someone gets under their skin? What if the same thing happens to them? I felt so STUPID about all of it and I never voiced ANY of it EVER before to my Mom or Dad or any of my siblings. I let it fester inside me. I knew that kid was a jerk who loved being mean to LOTS of kids. But why was I his target? Didn’t he know that I desperately wanted to fit in? Junior high was tough.

I always try to talk to my kids about their friendships and feelings. I would never want them to have to deal with that uneasy feeling of not being good enough – or believing ANYTHING that bully might say.  It took me a long time to get past it and find my confidence.

I STILL can’t believe you said those amazing words to me, Kimberly. Thanks for that. Really. And thank you for believing in me in this business of blogging. I love standing tall and confident in this profession.

What’s your confidence story? Will you share it with your kids? Did you always have it? Did someone ever try to steal yours?

CONFIDENCE MATTERS. Don’t let ANYONE get you down. Stand tall, smile big and be kind. YOU ARE AWESOME.


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    Lenze says

    Fake it til you make it, I think is a motto of many famous and successful people. On the outside, we hear & see the final product never really knowing what hard work (and faking) it took to get there. I also feel there are people always trying to steal that confidence from you. I have been getting that lately. Likely, I have strong support network of believers that help keep my confidence, even if I am faking sometimes.

  2. 19


    What a great post. I love the “fake it til you make it”. I am the opposite I was always confident as a child and right up until life dealt me Lupus. It seemed to take away what used to be easy and I don’t just mean the confidence in myself but has shook everything. I love the reminder and I will get it back! Confidence!! Hear me roar!!
    Laura (Lauras Little House Tips) recently posted…Sourdough Bread RecipeMy Profile

  3. 25


    Confidence can play a really big part of your life. I know I faked it in the past with job stuff and have gotten ahead because of it. So definitely great advice!

  4. 26


    Wow. Fabulous. I love the truth in your posts! I’d like to say I always had confidence, but it certainly wavered at times in my life. We moved around a lot, so many times I was the ‘new girl’. The new girl who got good grades and got along great with they guys (because they were generally much more accepting and laid back, and rarely slammed others behind their backs – this is teen years I’m talking about ;) This didn’t always have me in the good graces of the gals, though… ugh. Long story ;)
    Danielle recently posted…How To Create a Living Green RoofMy Profile

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    Mary says

    Thank you for this post, Annie! It gives me a boost to read it! I have been told that I come across as confident, but I am not 100%confident. I was having some doubts yesterday and today about a few things and this post came at the right time. Overall, I’m surrounded by awesome people at home and at work, and this post had a way of somehow reminding me of that (is that weird)? I teach, too. Thx! Great post. You should be confident!

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