Grateful for My Boot

As you may know, I busted up my foot real badly on Monday doing a whole bunch of nothing. Everyone keeps asking me, “How did you do it?” But my story is quite pathetic. My foot literally must have fallen asleep as I stood up from the kitchen table and dragged it across the floor and fell into the sliding glass door. There was some popping and a crack as I fell flat on my face and rolled around on the wood floor holding my foot in my hands. I think I may have screamed out, “Mother of GOD!” along with a few other not so nice curse words. Poor Owen was here and saw it all me go down. He was like, “Whaaaaaaat Mommy??? WHAT?” I told him I broke my ankle and I needed him to get my phone so I could call Daddy. “Nope. I won’t do it.” Awesome buddy.

The baby was asleep in his crib. He woke up quickly with all the commotion and started to cry.

I just rolled around, took off my sneaker and sock and clambered up to the counter to grab the house line phone. Wow, thank GOD for that house line we never ever use. Came in handy.

“I broke my ankle. I know it’s broken. You need to come home and take me for an X-ray.”

It was one of those calls where he didn’t know if I was laughing or crying. Although he didn’t say it out loud, I knew what he was thinking. Say what now? I just got back to work after taking 3 days off to go to a blogging conference with you and now you’re telling me you broke yourself? And doesn’t our son have a broken ulna and radius? YES. This is my life. I am not joking.

Comical. Just a bit. Really. I was laughing a little bit inside my own head because WHO DOES THIS? Whose foot falls asleep and can’t walk? This girl. The one without the copays. The one with the family deductible – this new plan that just went into effect on January 1st. The one who just got a bill for $2,100 for her three-year-old’s second broken arm in nine months. I want to see how fast we can hit that family deductible perhaps? Testing out this new insurance thingy as a black cloud settles over our house.

If bad things come in threes, we did it in bones. Ulna, radius and now calcaneus.

It turns out I broke my heel bone. As I twisted and fell to the floor, my tendons and ligaments pulled some bone off the side of my heel, just in front of my ankle. I was splinted at Urgent Care and got an appointment with the specialist the following day.

How I Broke My Foot

The boot was the best possible scenario. It’s what I was hoping for because just 24 hours in with a splint and crutches taught me a lot. Crutches suck and a cast would really suck. But I really love ibuprofen. And ice.

Six weeks in the boot. I had some more X-rays the following day and got my fancy roboleg. The boot will come off on June 19th and I’ll eventually be able to bear weight. I can drive. I can shower. I can hobble. I can feed my baby. I just can’t RUN.

A Boot for Annie

It’s one of the first few things that came across my mind as I was rolling across the kitchen floor to the freezer to find ice. No more running when I was just getting into it. And no big overnight trip to wine country in Long Island on Thursday. No Toyota. And I’m going to look really damn good at Emily’s First Holy Communion on Saturday sporting my Transformer Leg.

I’ll admit – I was pissed at first. But then I quickly realized how grateful I hadn’t been on this very same morning for having an awesome body that did its job. It’s always SO easy to take everything for granted. It’s amazing how quickly we can be forced to be thankful and grateful. So instead of wallowing in broken foot land, I’m shouting from the rooftops just how thankful I am to have this awesome body that normally works wonders. What is now a nuisance for me is nothing compared to what some people have to deal with as a reality and I can’t get passed it, especially those folks who were injured in last year’s Boston Marathon bombings. This is nothing, folks. I’m fine. ┬áI am so lucky because my heel will heal. I have the best friends, neighbors and family in my life who are here to help me while I figure this stupid thing out. From meals to carting Owen to school and back for me, the offerings have been something special. I’m hoping by next week I’ll be a boot master and getting into the swing of things. The boot will be nothing more than a fashion faux-pas.

I have the best in-laws on the planet and my mom is awesome. And my husband is always taking such good care of me anyway that this isn’t much of a change. Thank you Chris. I love you. Thanks for always taking such great care of me and the kids – the cooking, the caring and the doing.

I’ll be back on my feet in no time and I’ll never cross my legs ever again. I’ll let you know if we hit our deductible. Be well.

Long Island Wineries #FlatAnnie

Only good friends could be this amazingly cute, bringing along a #FlatAnnie on the Long Island Wineries Tour. LOVE YOU GIRLS!



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    Mary says

    I broke my foot (head of fifth metatarsal) many years ago by…walking on it when it had fallen asleep. I actually think that someone stepping on it while dancing months before caused it, but who knows. Sorry you’re going through this and I hope that all is well soon!

    • 4


      For real Mary? You are the second person who has told me this. It makes me feel a little bit better about what happened. It was like an out of body experience until I fell and felt all the pain associated with what seemed like my rubber foot. Man!
      Annie Stow recently posted…Grateful for My BootMy Profile

  2. 5

    Mary says

    Yes! And the break wasn’t too bad, but I missed a vacation. Anyway, it gets better! :)

    Happy Mother’s Day! I hope that you get to do something nice!

  3. 17

    Shauna says

    Oh my goodness, what an experience. I actually have never had a cast or had to wear a boot but I hope that you have a speedy recovery :)

  4. 24


    You are so right, that we should be grateful for all of the little things… indeed, simply for the fact that our bodies work for us! And SO, so awesome that your friends bring flat Annie on tour. That totally rocks, what great friends! Many years ago, I fell asleep on the couch, and awoke to the phone ringing, and jumped from the couch to get the phone. Every step I took, I collapsed to the floor in a heap. Stand up, fall down, stand up, fall down… all while trying to RUN. Naturally, my foot had fallen asleep. But I was still too asleep to realize this… ;) Speedy healing your way!
    Danielle recently posted…Inspiring Women Summit (Free Event)My Profile

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