How to Replace a Chevrolet Traverse Rear Wiper

We all know it’s no fun bringing your car into the dealer. Most likely, you’ll be asked to fork over a bunch of dough, no matter what the problem is – big or small. Our rear wiper in our Chevy Traverse was recently broken. The rubber blade of the rear wiper had broken off during our rough New England winter. If we brought the car in to be serviced, we figured they’d charge us an arm and a leg for parts, labor and more than just the wiper blade – they’d probably get us for the wiper arm and all the other bits too! So Chris did some research, found the correct length blade on Amazon and replaced it all by himself! So we figured, it’d be great to share and show you all how to replace your rear wiper when the time comes to save you some money!

Oh, and if you’re looking for front wipers, we found those on Amazon too! Wiper blade oneĀ and wiper two. We really hope the video helps!

Need help with your Chevy Traverse Taillights? We’ve got a video on how to fix those too!


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    Too funny, I have to replace mine (not a chevrolet) & I was wondering how then I came across your post! I think I’m gonna wait till the rain stops then I’ll tackle this :) Michelle

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