Transformers Battle Masters

Transformers Fight Night

Nothing says awesome mommy like bringing home TOYS for the kids from Mom 2.0! The kids were psyched when we showed them these awesome new Transformers that can can throw some mean punches! The boys, in particular, really love these Transformers from Hasbro. But little did they know that I’d be putting them to work for it! Watch their review below!

Get your own Transformers Battle Masters Fight Night Battle Set!


  1. 4


    My nephew loves Transformers! I will have to keep an eye open for these in stores. It would make a great birthday gift for him.

  2. 14

    Shauna says

    I am actually waiting for these to arrive for Hubby and my little man as I know they will have a blast with them. Talk about a great time.

  3. 15

    Maria Oller says

    My 14 years old is reading this post with me he think they are really cool and I need to buy him a couple and also add a brother to the list. Love your daughter review!

  4. 22


    My son just got into Transformers. So I know how much he would love these. Wow! I can’t believe how they have changed since we were kids.

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