Uber XL Launches in Boston

Uber Boston

Uber? Say what now? What the heck is Uber? That’s what I was saying last week when everyone was talking about rides from the airport to the Ritz Carlton. Sign up with Uber. Download Uber. Check out Uber. Okay!

Uber is an iPhone/Android/Blackberry app that allows you to request a ride at the tap of a button and summon a professional driver to your side within minutes. Track your driver’s arrival on a map and receive a notification when they arrive. There’s no need to worry about handling cash – your fare is automatically billed to your credit card on file and there’s no need to tip.
We first used Uber Black on Thursday night to get to a party at the Swan House, you know, the big old house of Dr. Snow in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. We easily downloaded the app about 30 minutes before we were supposed to be arriving at the Swan House. In minutes, we got a call back from an Uber driver who said he would be picking us up in just five minutes! No calling or hailing cabs, no meter. Instead, a lovely black limousine, with leather seats, cold water and no handling of cash! Uber is such a clever idea.
Atlanta, GA Swan House Hunger Games
We used Uber to get home too and loved that we could request a driver with ease just by clicking on the iPhone app. The three of us got back to the Ritz in a jiffy and had the same awesome experience using Uber as we did getting to the party. It was seamless, stress-free and comfortable. We were then asked to rate our drivers and we gave them both 5 stars.
If you haven’t tried Uber in and around Boston yet, you need to do it. In addition to their successful Uber X offerings, yesterday they  launched Uber XL, where users in Boston can request an UberXL car type, which can seat up to six people! Sounds perfect for the Stow family! You can now round up the family for an outing in Boston this summer and use Uber! Pretty, clever right?
Uber XL Vehicle View Boston
And who doesn’t love a coupon? In celebration of the new launch , Uber is offering all Stowed Stuff readers a coupon code worth $30 off your first Uber ride! You can sign up right here and enter the coupon code: StowedStuff
Uber is pretty darn convenient and I’m sure you are gonna be hooked once you give it a try! Ride on!
*This is a sponsored post for Uber and I was compensated for my time. All opinions are mine. 


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