How To Make Your Own Hanging Basket

Hanging Basket How To

Everyone loves a beautiful hanging basket to make their house look pretty for the summer.  Rather than spending a bunch of money for a lackluster pre-made basket that is past its best by the time you buy it, why not make your own? It’s easy and you can pick plants that match your home and [...]

How to Replace a Chevrolet Traverse Rear Wiper

We all know it’s no fun bringing your car into the dealer. Most likely, you’ll be asked to fork over a bunch of dough, no matter what the problem is – big or small. Our rear wiper in our Chevy Traverse was recently broken. The rubber blade of the rear wiper had broken off during [...]

How To Make Shrimp and Pork Wonton Soup

Shrimp and Pork Wonton Soup

Can’t let a little puke bug mess with our vlogging efforts! We decided to vlog about Chris’s dinner last night because this #DadCanCook! In fact, Chris can do a lot of things and it’s all because his amazing mother (that’d be my super duper mother-in-law) taught him SO much when he was a little boy. [...]

How to Build a School Bus Stop Bench

How to Build a Bus Bench

Paternity leave = lots of quality family time. While waiting for the school bus with my kids this week, I noticed they had nowhere to sit.  So, I built them a bench. Materials: Three 10′ pressure treated 4x4s Three 8′ 1×6 decking boards 6″ TimberLok screws (50 pack) Stainless steel screws (2 1/4 inch) Instructions: [...]

2014 Toyota Corolla Preview

2014 Toyota Corolla

The all new 2014 Toyota Corolla replaces an outgoing model that everyone knew as a reliable and economical car.  It just wasn’t the most exciting thing on the road. Toyota invited Annie to experience the new Corolla in Miami a few weeks ago. UnFortunately, she was 9 months pregnant and couldn’t go, so I went [...]

Cast Off!

Cast halfway off

Little Owen broke his arm a few weeks ago.  He got his cast off this week. The latest x-rays showed that it was MOST definitely broken. Now we take care of the delicate little arm. No playgrounds, no falling, no jumping, no running, no rough housing – yeah right. We’ll do our best.    

Quesadillas – A Family Friendly Weeknight Meal

Family Friendly Quesadillas @anniestow

Finding a meal that everyone likes is a challenge for our family.  One reliable favorite that’s quick and easy to make, even on a weeknight, are chicken quesadillas.  I play around with different fillings for the grownups, but the basic recipe just needs chicken, cheese, salsa and tortillas.  The kids usually have a simple version [...]

Choosing a Family-Friendly Paddleboard

Paddleboarding in Dennis

I had a great time standup paddleboarding on our vacation in Dennis two years ago.  For that trip, I rented Bic 10’4″ ACS SUP from a local surf shop.  Unfortunately, the board was not very stable and, despite being one of the toughest boards around (made of thermoformed polyethylene), we managed to ding it and [...]

How To Build A Fire Pit

How To Make A Fire Pit

You’ve smelled the wood smoke in your neighborhood already.  Your kids are begging you for s’mores.  You’ve got a ton of brush and branches from the winter storms.  It’s time to build a fire pit!  Don’t worry — it’s not difficult or expensive!  All you need is a flat spot in your backyard, concrete blocks, [...]

Family Fondue Night

The Perfect Cheese Fondue

Looking for a dinner that your kids will enjoy as much as you will? Aren’t we all. A family meal option you might not have considered is a classic cheese fondue.  It’s really not too difficult, seriously! A good fondue pot can be hard to come by when you’re out and about. We use an [...]