How to Fix A Chevy Traverse Taillight

Is there anything more annoying than driving behind someone with a broken taillight? It’s dangerous too, and no one wants to be pulled over for something silly like that. And no one wants to take the car to the mechanic if you can help it, right? Once again, Chris taught himself how to repair a […]

How to Replace a Chevrolet Traverse Rear Wiper

We all know it’s no fun bringing your car into the dealer. Most likely, you’ll be asked to fork over a bunch of dough, no matter what the problem is – big or small. Our rear wiper in our Chevy Traverse was recently broken. The rubber blade of the rear wiper had broken off during […]

Driving to Disney World

Ever think about driving to Disney World while 32 weeks pregnant with your third child? It can be done, people.  Most of you thought we were completely NUTS, doing it all in just one week, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.  We did it and we’d do it again if we had to! […]

Big Family SUV


So, here’s the deal, the lease on our Chevy Traverse is up soon, so we’re trying to figure out which big SUV would be a good replacement.  The Traverse was a great car for us, but it might not be big enough for us for long. Our main requirement is three rows of seats and […]

She Will Not Drive A Minivan

Third row car seat and it still fits a big stroller!

Would you believe this?  I met another mutha who loves her Chevy Traverse.  She’s a mom from southeastern Massachusetts who’s got three little kids too!  She’s guest posting today to tell us how the Chevy Traverse meets her family’s every need.  Read on, my friends.   Go ahead, I can take it.  Call me crazy. […]

The Kid Likes Chevy

She’s a lot like her mother, I’ve decided.  I think I’ll get her a small video camera for her upcoming birthday.

Off to the Hamptons in our Chevy Equinox

On her way to the Hamptons

Today’s guest post is from Stacey Ilyse who is a WAHM photographer & blogger who writes about the ups, downs, adventures, mishaps, and love she is experiencing as a new mom to her crazy – beautiful little drama queen daughter. She lives out in the burbs of Northern NJ with her husband, baby girl and their lovable little dog.  Stacey […]

Third Row Life in the Chevy Traverse

As the kids get bigger, life is now full of carpools and pickups, drop offs and playdates. The Traverse has really proven to be suitable, convenient and comfortable for all of our needs.  Here’s what I love about the third row: The third row is roomy.  When the grandparents get back there to head to […]

Foxboro Founders Day 2012

Founder's Day 2012

We had a great time watching all the firetrucks, tractors, floats, and antique cars today at the Founders Day Parade in Foxboro.  It’s amazing how many emergency vehicles the town can round up for this big parade each year ~ NOISY!  My boys loved every minute of it.  They were in their glory.