Dealing with Girl Hair


Girl hair – still a huge problem in this house, but she’s getting more and more independent about washing it on her own and putting it up and out of her face when I ask her to (ummm, that’d be every day.) Nine seems to be the magical age where she is beginning to obsess […]

DigiBirds Review and Giveaway

Digibirds singing birds

The kids received lots and lots of DigiBirds™ a couple months ago from Silverlit® Toys. These things are hilarious – they tweet, they sing, they move – and the more you DigiBirds™ you have, the more fun they are to play with! You can collect more than 20 different colors of DigiBirds™, along with accessories […]

Big Hero 6: A Day at the Movies

Stow Kids at Big Hero 6

I took the three big kids out for a special trip to the movies on Saturday.  When we asked them what they wanted to see, it was unanimous that Big Hero 6 was the coolest one playing.  “We’ve seen spoiler videos, but we won’t ruin it for you,” they said.  There was an early showtime […]

Perler Beads: The Latest Kid Craze

Perler Beads

Emily got her first dose of Perler beads while I was away at Blogger Bash. It all started with Oak Hill Country Day Camp, where Emily made her first creation. That very same day she was being picked up by her grandparents from camp to head on down to Rhode Island for a sleepover. Emily […]

The CUTEST Cookie Challenge Ever

We all know Emily likes YouTube. We’ve seen it before. Yesterday, I thought she was outside on her bike and I was calling for her on the back deck, but she was nowhere to be found. As I was going upstairs to get the baby up from his nap, I found her. “Mommy, you’re not […]

Transformers Battle Masters

Transformers Fight Night

Nothing says awesome mommy like bringing home TOYS for the kids from Mom 2.0! The kids were psyched when we showed them these awesome new Transformers that can can throw some mean punches! The boys, in particular, really love these Transformers from Hasbro. But little did they know that I’d be putting them to work […]

Duct Tape Fun

duck brand tutorial

Emily got the clever genes. She is a lover of arts and crafts, drawing, writing and creating. She’s a LEFTY too. How did that all happen? Anyway, her latest craze (since looming) is now duct tape. It’s amazing what she (and her Grandma) have created. Bracelets, wallets, purses, mustaches, bags, bows, pencil toppers, etc. She […]

Hurricane Update

A Dunkin Donuts kind of morning!

Hurricane Sandy is doing her thing. Snacks are obviously important.  We started our day with Dunks.  Did your kids pick out any fun treats for waiting out the storm?  Here’s a storm update from Emily:

The Kid Likes Chevy

She’s a lot like her mother, I’ve decided.  I think I’ll get her a small video camera for her upcoming birthday.

Emily’s Make-Up Tutorial

When I came downstairs this morning, I found Emily in her skivvies, batting her eyelashes at me. “What in God’s name is on your face?” “What do you mean?” “What is that green stuff?”  (I must admit, she looked cute and her eyes did pop a little). “Oh, just marker.” Yup, she’s obsessed with make-up. […]