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Duct Tape Fun

duck brand tutorial

Emily got the clever genes. She is a lover of arts and crafts, drawing, writing and creating. She’s a LEFTY too. How did that all happen? Anyway, her latest craze (since looming) is now duct tape. It’s amazing what she (and her Grandma) have created. Bracelets, wallets, purses, mustaches, bags, bows, pencil toppers, etc. She [...]

Hurricane Update

A Dunkin Donuts kind of morning!

Hurricane Sandy is doing her thing. Snacks are obviously important.  We started our day with Dunks.  Did your kids pick out any fun treats for waiting out the storm?  Here’s a storm update from Emily:

The Kid Likes Chevy

She’s a lot like her mother, I’ve decided.  I think I’ll get her a small video camera for her upcoming birthday.

Emily’s Make-Up Tutorial

When I came downstairs this morning, I found Emily in her skivvies, batting her eyelashes at me. “What in God’s name is on your face?” “What do you mean?” “What is that green stuff?”  (I must admit, she looked cute and her eyes did pop a little). “Oh, just marker.” Yup, she’s obsessed with make-up. [...]

Emily’s First Product Review

I recently discovered that the lens on our Flip camera had been smashed, so I put the Flip away for awhile.  Today, I decided to check and see if any old videos hadn’t been uploaded yet.  I found 18 short videos, mostly kid made,  including this spectacular review of Emily’s Disney princess bike.  So whilst [...]