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Even Monsters {Giveaway}

Even Monsters, by AJ Smith giveaway

Putting four kids to bed is no easy task. Sometimes it’s the second hardest part of the day (morning rush takes the gold) and Chris and I try to take turns putting them to bed. But sometimes, it’s just so crazy that it takes two of us and we need to divide and conquer. However, [...]

Beautiful Amber Jewelry {Giveaway}

amber necklace

I love amber. I love the colors; cognac, honey, green, yellow, cream, and ivory. I used to have a beautiful amber necklace that I got on our honeymoon in Bermuda, but the wire broke and it was really not fixable. I wore it all summer long for YEARS. I just love amber. Today I get to [...]

Who Wants to Go to the Circus? {Giveaway}

Boston Circus City Hall Plaza

We had so much fun at the Big Apple Circus at City Hall Plaza last year and we are so excited to be going again next weekend to check out Luminocity! This show will run for seven weeks, beginning  on March 25th and ending on May 11th! Luminocity promises electrifying entertainment for all ages! I [...]

Wonderful Halos {Giveaway}

Wonderful Halos Mandarins

I’m like a new person over here. No more Diet Coke, no more junk food, counting calories and making healthier choices. Speaking of healthier choices, meet the tasty, sweet snack that is Wonderful Halos! Have you seen them in your local grocery store? To be honest, I used to always get clementines and mandarins oranges [...]

Carter’s Baby and Kid Sale {Giveaway}

Win Carter's Shopping Spree

Disclosure:  I participated in this program on behalf of Carter’s and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.  Not sure if you remember, but I went HOG WILD on Carter’s before little Andrew was born. I mean, what kind of kid doesn’t wear Carter’s? Seriously cute stuff – every season! I have a thing for [...]

Cold and Flu Season {Giveaway}

Braun Thermometer and Vicks Starry Night Humidifier

Disclosure: I received a Vicks humidifier and the Braun Forehead Thermometer to take part in the review/giveaway opportunity. All opinions are my own.  We spent the majority of October – December cleaning up after sick kids. The Stow kids had it all – various tummy bugs, fevers, colds, body aches, crusty noses, and coughs. YUCK. [...]

Wooden Watch by Jord {Giveaway}

Jord Watch Ely in Cherry

Disclosure: I received a Jord watch to take part in this campaign. All opinions are my own. I’ve been eyeing chunky watches for some time now, so when Jord  sent me their Ely Watch in Cherry, I was excited. But a watch made out of wood? What? The box came in the mail yesterday and [...]

Tommee Tippee Winter Essentials Pack {GIVEAWAY}

TommeeTippee Giveaway @anniestow

Disclosure: I received products from Tommee Tippee to take part in this review. All opinions are my own. Little Andrew will be 8 weeks old tomorrow! 8 weeks, people! How is that possible? Almost 2 months old! Time goes by so much faster when they’re on the outside because 8 weeks of pregnancy seems like [...]

A BRAND NEW Diaper Pail from Tommee Tippee {Giveaway}

Win Tommee Tippee @anniestow

While dining with friends at the Ritz Carlton of all places, the topic of diaper pails came up. I shared one of my “Frugal Annie” stories about how I got my current diaper pail at a… wait for it, wait for it —- YARD SALE! Yes, folks, a yard sale. I didn’t even think it [...]