Osh Kosh B’gosh Back to School Coupon and SALE!

ballet flats with sparkles

I have a new obsession with Osh Kosh B’Gosh. I’m not just loving their trendy, back -to-school classic styles either. Ever since touring their headquarters back in May in Atlanta, I felt a huge connection to not only the brand of Osh Kosh, but to the awesome people behind it all. They totally get kid [...]

I Love You Even When You Don’t Eat Your Dinner

Sibling Love

As we hopped in the minivan this afternoon, she yelled out, “You don’t even love us, do you?”  Whoa. “Of course I love you! I just want you to listen.” Listen.  Mind your manners. Personal space. Flush the toilet. Wash your hands. No running. Stop biting your nails. Hands to yourself. Put your empty juice [...]

Top Five Baby Products Summer 2014

Best Baby Gear and Products 2014

I love baby gear and products. Let’s face it, Andrew has a lot of hand-me-down stuff, but sometimes he just has to have NEW since he IS my baby and all. Plus, so many of our hand-me-downs have gotten REALLY good use and have seen better days. It’s really nice when Andrew gets something NEW [...]

How to Fix A Chevy Traverse Taillight

Is there anything more annoying than driving behind someone with a broken taillight? It’s dangerous too, and no one wants to be pulled over for something silly like that. And no one wants to take the car to the mechanic if you can help it, right? Once again, Chris taught himself how to repair a [...]

Sofitel NYC Review

Sofitel Suite

New York City? With a baby? Without Chris? Yes. It can be done. Especially if you bring an amazing friend along with you to join in on all the fun, right Viola Cay? So we mosied our way down to NYC last Thursday morning to attend Sweet Suite 2014 and Blogger Bash in NYC. You [...]

Fun with EAElements at Blogger Bash NYC

Blogger Bash NYC #BBNYC

I did it. I dragged myself to NYC for a blogging event and I took  baby Andrew along for the ride. More on that to come. We survived it!  We actually had a lot of fun and met some pretty neat-o brands while we were at it. I love meeting new people and connecting with [...]

A Royal Baby Birthday Celebration {Giveaway}

Tommee Tippee Royal Bottles

Remember this time last year as we were all waiting for Kate and William’s big news? The royal baby!? Well can you believe it has been a year? Prince George will be turning one on July 22nd and in honor of the little fella’s first birthday, Tommee Tippee has so graciously offered up a ROYAL [...]

Happy 6th Birthday Aidan!

Minecraft Diamond Sword Cake

Someone is six today! It all started at Bubbling Brook, where I had my first contractions. Perhaps we should revisit that yummy place again today in honor of this handsome man! Aidan had an awesome 6th birthday party a few weeks ago when we celebrated both boys’ turning 4 and 6! Check out the amazing [...]

New Drinkware from Birch Lane {Giveaway}

Birch Lane Drinkware

Let’s face it, summer entertaining is so much fun. I love having friends and family over to enjoy the good weather, some s’mores by the fire pit and some of Chris’s good home cooking. I just love summer (even when our air conditioning is on the fritz). Have you ever heard of Birch Lane? It’s [...]

Trapper Keeper Review and Giveaway


Do you remember the good ol’ Trapper Keeper® from yesteryear? Nostalgic much? It’s funny how a Trapper Keeper® can really take you down memory lane – the loud velcro and the crazy annoying rings? If you had one, your teacher probably hated you. I remember getting the supply lists from some teachers in September saying [...]