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Caribe Royale, Orlando Florida

Caribe Royale Orlando Florida Vacation .jpg

We recently returned from a romantic retreat to Caribe Royale, in sunny Orlando, Florida. The minute we stepped off that airplane we could feel that sultry Florida air and it felt so good. Upon arrival at the hotel, we were treated to goodies galore, and it was perfect because we were starving. We enjoyed a [...]

Tips and Tricks For Beginning Runners

5K training tips

I am no athlete. Never was, never will be. But after losing 7 or 8 pounds recently, I really want to keep it off and get fit. My eating habits have definitely improved and I’m liking my new middle. Heck, I know I still have  my pooch belly, but I feel better and I like [...]

Play Ball!


Tomorrow marks one of those firsts that has been a long time coming. Growing up, I tagged along with my mom to all of my big brothers’ baseball games and those memories are fond ones. And on that hot summer night in July of 2008, when I got my very own little slugger, baseball was [...]

Even Monsters {Giveaway}

Even Monsters, by AJ Smith giveaway

Putting four kids to bed is no easy task. Sometimes it’s the second hardest part of the day (morning rush takes the gold) and Chris and I try to take turns putting them to bed. But sometimes, it’s just so crazy that it takes two of us and we need to divide and conquer. However, [...]

Vlog Every Day in April #VEDA

#VEDA Link Up

I can’t believe I have managed to get this far. The vlogging (video blogging) thing CAN be a lot of work when you’ve got other deadlines and commitments, but it’s SO MUCH FUN and that’s what has kept me going. I vlogged every single day in March. Now, there’s this thing going on called #VEDA! [...]

A Florida Sunshine Getaway

Caribe Royale Pool

Old man winter sure has had a good go around up here in New England, but quite frankly, I’m sick of it all!  Has it not been the longest winter ever? It seems like our Disney vacation was a lifetime ago! I am just so sick of hats, boots, mittens, scarves and chapped lips! Sometimes [...]

Beautiful Amber Jewelry {Giveaway}

amber necklace

I love amber. I love the colors; cognac, honey, green, yellow, cream, and ivory. I used to have a beautiful amber necklace that I got on our honeymoon in Bermuda, but the wire broke and it was really not fixable. I wore it all summer long for YEARS. I just love amber. Today I get to [...]

Big Apple Circus: Luminocity

High Wire Big Apple Circus

We had so much fun last night at the Big Apple Circus in Boston. It makes for a great family excursion this spring! We zipped right into the city by car and parked at Center Plaza Garage for $11 on a Saturday evening. That’s a pretty great rate if you ask me. Plus, the circus [...]

Is My Baby Allergic to Formula?

formula allergy.jpg

So you saw the hives. If you didn’t see Facebook, watch the vlogs. Hives lasted for about 24 hours. No known cause. Pediatrician told me to just keep a close eye on him. But then yesterday, while I was out, I had our sitter give Andrew four ounces of Enfamil. He’s had it before, no [...]