Great Wolf Lodge Spring Giveaway

Win a Great Wolf Lodge Prize Pack on the blog!

We Stows are so excited to spring ahead this weekend! We don’t care how much sleep we have to lose as long as there’s promise of melting snow and sunnier skies. I think it’s pretty safe to say we’ve all had enough. The ice dams, the potholes, the snow banks, the leaky roofs, the raking, […]

Thin Mint Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe

Girl Scout Thin Mint Chocolate Cupcakes

Looking for something absolutely yummy to whip up while there’s a plethora of girl scout cookies hanging around the house? Why not try baking these delicious thin mint chocolate cupcakes? I love thin mints and I love cupcakes, so what’s not to love, right? Get baking! PrintThin Mint Chocolate Cupcakes IngredientsCupcakes 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa […]

New Tommee Tippee Sippy Cups Available at Walmart {Giveaway}

insulated sipper tumblers by tommee tipped

Little Andrew is still completely hooked on Tommee Tippee products. It’s the only binky he’ll take, the only bottle he’ll use (yes, my baby is still drinking from his bub) and the only sippy we’ve tried! He is actually doing great transitioning to cups and is drinking both milk and water from his new Tommee […]

Weekly Meal Plan March 1

Weekly Meal Plan Stowed Stuff

Holy heck, it’s March! We are that much closer to welcoming spring and I know the thaw is coming. Even though it’s snowing again tonight, I’m still happy. I’m happy because the days are getting longer, the temperature is going to be in the upper 40s later this week and next month is April. Good […]

SMARTCANDY Review and Giveaway

school snacks - try SMARTCANDY

I don’t know about your kids, but my kids are always begging me to buy them fruit snacks and gummies whenever we’re at the grocery store. My kids go bonkers over them. I’m a happy mom knowing that a healthier option is available in Target and Walmart. Meet SMARTCANDY┬«, a vitamin infused snack, by Snap […]

Top 15 St. Patrick’s Day Desserts

Top St. Patrick's Day Dessert Roundup

St. Patrick’s Day is such a fun holiday in the Stow house. We like to celebrate with green wee, a sure sign that there’s been a visit from the leprechaun. This year, why not whip up something yummy for the whole family? These St. Patrick’s Day Desserts will make your mouth water. Which one are […]

A Fresh Mouth

Liserine 21 Day Challenge

The entire family is just wrapping up our LISTERINE┬« 21-Day Challenge and everyone in the Stow house agrees that our mouths look and feel healthier. The big kids have done such a great job swishing with the Smart Rinse and have now made it part of their nightly routine! Woohoo! I love the reassurance I […]

Monday Meal Plan February 23rd

Weekly Meal Plan from Stowed Stuff

Holy heck, this snow has really taken its toll. Have you seen a meal plan lately? NO! Plus, there was a week of school vacation which had us eating out A heck of a lot! We’re back to it! It might be a night later than usual, but we’re back at it! Don’t miss this […]

Bundles of Fun at Hotel Commonwealth

Hotel Commonwealth Kenmore Square Boston

It’s February vacation week and we’re going stir crazy. We should be on our way some place warm and sunny, but we’re not. Instead, we’re house bound under monstrous snow drifts. It’s been the snowiest winter any of us can remember and we all need a break. Like many of you, we just need a […]

Just a Spoonful of Stonyfield

Stonyfield yobaby selfies

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew. What am I going to do with you? How could something that started out as dainty and innocent as a little cup of Stonyfield yogurt turn into such an organic mess? Dude, I gave you a spoon. This is YoToddler – toddlers eat with utensils. Or so I thought. There is no […]