On the Path to Straight Teeth

guided eruption

I always knew teeth straightening and orthodontia would be expensive. I mean, c’mon. It’s one of those things about having kids that goes along with college tuition – you need a good smile and if the teeth aren’t coming in properly, most of us are going to do anything and everything to correct it. Am [...]

Yakitori Chicken on the Grill

Chicken on Skewers

This summer has been all about this scrumptious chicken skewer recipe on the grill. It is light, super tasty and a different way to enjoy chicken. It goes well with Dole’s Chopped Sesame Asian Salad Kit.  We hope you try it and let us know what you think. It’s our new favorite and has been [...]

Warhead Challenge

Warhead Challenge Stow

My kids love YouTube, no doubt. They love watching other kids and families going on surprise trips to Disney World, playing with toys, doing fun and silly things and eating Warheads. They found the Warhead Challenge years ago and have always wanted the chance to try it for themselves after watching other kids’ reactions to [...]

Joovy Groove Ultralight Stroller Review

Groove Ultralight Stroller by Joovy

We’re just a little bit obsessed with our new Joovy Groove Ultralight Stroller for Andrew. I used to have a Maclaren number that I used with the other kids, but after numerous times running it over in the garage, it died a slow death. I wasn’t in love with my Maclaren from the get-go because [...]

Back to School Mabel’s Labels for Everything {Giveaway}

Back to School Giveaway

Have you heard? Annie Stow is getting organized. I’m making a valiant effort to be a really good Mom for a few weeks in September and we’ll  see just how long I can last. You know, the new school year is like that A-ha moment, a new beginning. This is the time to make resolutions, [...]

My To-Do List

Ikea Date Night

Today, I dropped the kids off for an overnight stay (or 2) with the grandparents. Need I say more? Here’s what I’m trying to conquer on my to-do list. Yes, the little guy is still with me – of course! But it sure is delightful around here. I think I might pour myself another cup [...]

Perler Beads: The Latest Kid Craze

Perler Beads

Emily got her first dose of Perler beads while I was away at Blogger Bash. It all started with Oak Hill Country Day Camp, where Emily made her first creation. That very same day she was being picked up by her grandparents from camp to head on down to Rhode Island for a sleepover. Emily [...]

Fuze Stroller Travel System by Summer Infant Review

Fuze Stroller

It took a 4th kid for Momma Stow to finally get a high-end stroller that I actually love. I was so excited the day my Summer Infant Fuze Travel System arrived back in April. Here are a couple of photos of Andrew going for his first test ride in the Fuze stroller way back in [...]

Johnson’s Baby Promise

Andrew Stow 9 mos.

There has been plenty of controversy over the past few years about the ingredients in Johnson’s Baby products. I’m sure you heard it, saw it, read about it all over social media. But the good news is out. Johnson’s has listened to our concerns because they care about our babies, mothers and everyone’s peace of [...]

Osh Kosh B’gosh Back to School Coupon and SALE!

ballet flats with sparkles

I have a new obsession with Osh Kosh B’Gosh. I’m not just loving their trendy, back -to-school classic styles either. Ever since touring their headquarters back in May in Atlanta, I felt a huge connection to not only the brand of Osh Kosh, but to the awesome people behind it all. They totally get kid [...]