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Stow Kids Daily Vlogs on YouTube

We’re almost recovered from our trip to Florida. It’s been a challenging week all around. While Chris was away in CA, we Stows took part in a few challenges ourselves! Andrew’s starting off the long weekend with a double ear infection, so we’ll be staying put this Memorial Day. Perhaps I’ll get another longer run […]

A Whole New Way to Add Veggies

Veggie Fries are a whole new way to add veggies to dinner time!

Meet Andrew Stow, the only Stow kid who got tasty homemade baby food and was doing some great eating with his fancy purees. The only thing he wants to eat now at 19 months? Yogurt, Cheerios and french fries. In fact, I think he ate 784 french fries while we were away last week in […]

Each of Us Was Born to Do Something Amazing

Girls Night In

Big news from Mr. Andrew Stow – he is officially walking. He finally got the hang of it around May 8th and 9th – just before Mother’s Day. He was born to sing the ABC’s at an early age. I recently had the pleasure of hosting a lovely little get together with a few of […]

Dealing with Girl Hair


Girl hair – still a huge problem in this house, but she’s getting more and more independent about washing it on her own and putting it up and out of her face when I ask her to (ummm, that’d be every day.) Nine seems to be the magical age where she is beginning to obsess […]

How To Plan the Perfect Birthday Party

How to Plan the Best Birthday Party Ever! Tips and Tricks for a themed party that kids and adults will love!

I’ve got two little boys who will soon be turning 5 and 7; I can hardly believe the sound of those numbers. How in the world did they get to be so big? And how could this school year possibly be coming to an end so soon? The last week of June is notorious in […]

This Week on YouTube

Legoland Hotel Florida Review

We just returned home from an amazing 5 night stay in HOT, HOT, HOT Florida. The main reason for our visit was to be a part of the new Legoland Hotel grand opening at Legoland, Florida. What an amazing opportunity it was! Who goes to Orlando for two days? We decided to make the most […]

Totally Taken Care Of

Listerine and Band-Aids

We get a lot of fun blog packages arriving at our garage door and the kids can hardly contain themselves sometimes. “WHAT IS IT?” “Oh, I think it’s just some Listerine for the blog.” “Ohhh, we’re OUT! Can we open it right now? We need some. Ours is all gone.” “Awesome. Sure. Perfect timing!” The […]

Movie Tickets for Mom: GIVEAWAY

Fandango Movie Tickets Giveaway

It’s almost Mother’s Day! I hope you all have an awesome weekend of sunshine and happiness with all the moms in your life – whether it’s spending time with your own mom or your own family, I hope your entire weekend is awesome. What better way to honor all the moms than to take them […]

This Week On YouTube

Toys at Target

So I haven’t been to good about posting our daily YouTube videos on the blog, now have I? It’s like a huge blogging mistake. Some of you probably don’t even realize that we’re creating a daily YouTube video. I need to get better at this, so here goes. This week on YouTube involved a little […]

Summer Learning FUN! {Brain Chase Giveaway}

Brain Chase Online Summer Learning

Last night, out of the blue, six-year-old Aidan asked, “How many days until we can start Brain Chase, Mommy?” “June 22nd babe, remember?” “Oh ya, the day before Owen’s birthday.” And again last night at bedtime he speaks the words, “I’m so excited to start Brain Chase.” REALLY? The kid is totally stoked to get […]