Learning at Home All Summer Long with Brain Chase

Brain Chase How to Register

So Aidan is our official brain chase kid this summer, who is already signed up for five hours of online learning each week beginning on June 22nd. We’re getting close! Just 13 more days to go! If you’re worried about camps, family vacations or anything else getting in the way of Brain Chase, don’t be! […]

Summer Learning FUN! {Brain Chase Giveaway}

Brain Chase Online Summer Learning

Last night, out of the blue, six-year-old Aidan asked, “How many days until we can start Brain Chase, Mommy?” “June 22nd babe, remember?” “Oh ya, the day before Owen’s birthday.” And again last night at bedtime he speaks the words, “I’m so excited to start Brain Chase.” REALLY? The kid is totally stoked to get […]

Discovering Multiculturalism with Cultural Care Au Pair

Cultural Care Au Pair

Looking for a fun event that will foster opportunities for muliticultural learning? Cultural Care Au Pair is hosting a totally awesome FREE event this weekend that will provide hands-on learning and cultural experiences for your little ones in Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA. What: 2015 North Shore World’s Fair When: March 28, 2015 from 12-2 p.m. Where: Manchester Community Center 40 Beach Street Manchester-by-the-Sea, […]

Top Thanksgiving Picture Books for Kids

Best Thanksgiving Picture Books

I am excited to showcase five brand new picture books that tie in nicely with Thanksgiving! Kids of all ages will enjoy these new titles from Candlewick Press! They’d be a perfect addition to any classroom library or home library! Let’s give thanks for new books! I hope you enjoy this list! The Great Thanksgiving […]

Get Ready to Read: How to Teach Your Child to Rhyme

Rhyming Matters

One of the biggest signs of reading readiness is the ability to rhyme. Rhyming is also part of phonemic awareness (the ability to hear and play with sounds) and it should not be overlooked. Do you ever play rhyming games with your preschool aged children? They think it is so fun and it really helps […]

Even Monsters {Giveaway}

Even Monsters, by AJ Smith giveaway

Putting four kids to bed is no easy task. Sometimes it’s the second hardest part of the day (morning rush takes the gold) and Chris and I try to take turns putting them to bed. But sometimes, it’s just so crazy that it takes two of us and we need to divide and conquer. However, […]

Kindergarten Sight Words: Tips and Tricks

Kindergarten Sight Words

The term “sight word” is exactly that – a word we must be able to read in a split second when the word is presented without having to decode. Sight words are often used interchangeably with high frequency words and word wall words. What are word wall words anyway? Word wall words are words that […]

How To Choose A Preschool for Your Child

Bright Horizons Learning Center

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Bright Horizons.  Let’s face it, kindergarten isn’t just pretend play and blocks anymore. The standards and expectations are both much higher than they were when we went to school. And with the common core curriculum being implemented across the nation, assessment data is driving a lot […]

Win Your Very Own Laminator {Giveaway}

Fellowes Saturn2 95 Laminator Giveaway @anniestow

Not another back to school post? What the heck? Am I the one getting all back to schooly too early? Maybe so. But this is for good reason. I just got my very own laminator and one of you lucky things is going to get one too. In just a couple weeks, I’ll be back […]