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Caribe Royale, Orlando Florida

Caribe Royale Orlando Florida Vacation .jpg

We recently returned from a romantic retreat to Caribe Royale, in sunny Orlando, Florida. The minute we stepped off that airplane we could feel that sultry Florida air and it felt so good. Upon arrival at the hotel, we were treated to goodies galore, and it was perfect because we were starving. We enjoyed a [...]

Even Monsters {Giveaway}

Even Monsters, by AJ Smith giveaway

Putting four kids to bed is no easy task. Sometimes it’s the second hardest part of the day (morning rush takes the gold) and Chris and I try to take turns putting them to bed. But sometimes, it’s just so crazy that it takes two of us and we need to divide and conquer. However, [...]

Beautiful Amber Jewelry {Giveaway}

amber necklace

I love amber. I love the colors; cognac, honey, green, yellow, cream, and ivory. I used to have a beautiful amber necklace that I got on our honeymoon in Bermuda, but the wire broke and it was really not fixable. I wore it all summer long for YEARS. I just love amber. Today I get to [...]

Big Apple Circus: Luminocity

High Wire Big Apple Circus

We had so much fun last night at the Big Apple Circus in Boston. It makes for a great family excursion this spring! We zipped right into the city by car and parked at Center Plaza Garage for $11 on a Saturday evening. That’s a pretty great rate if you ask me. Plus, the circus [...]

Who Wants to Go to the Circus? {Giveaway}

Boston Circus City Hall Plaza

We had so much fun at the Big Apple Circus at City Hall Plaza last year and we are so excited to be going again next weekend to check out Luminocity! This show will run for seven weeks, beginning  on March 25th and ending on May 11th! Luminocity promises electrifying entertainment for all ages! I [...]

Starting Solids

When to start solids

*Disclosure: I received the Sage Spoonfuls On the Go Package to take part in this vlogging series. All opinions are my own.  Andrew hit a fun milestone yesterday! He had his first taste of rice cereal at five months and 2 days! I just can’t get over how fast this kid is growing. He is [...]

Chipotle Fun with #Sofritas. And Then Puke. Again.

#Sofritas Boston

We went into Boston on a weeknight – the hubs and I. As we were headed in to taste their new item on the menu – their ONLY addition in the past 20 years – something SO BIG, that it’s been a YEAR in the making, I was nervous. The word TOFU doesn’t really sit [...]

This Doesn’t Suck

We have arrived, my friends, we have arrived. Feels so good to be warm. I forgot how much I love to travel. I forgot how fun it is to travel when you’re NOT pregnant. The kids did such a fantastic job through it all — a 4am wake-up call, traipsing through airports, holding hands, LISTENING, [...]

Duct Tape Fun

duck brand tutorial

Emily got the clever genes. She is a lover of arts and crafts, drawing, writing and creating. She’s a LEFTY too. How did that all happen? Anyway, her latest craze (since looming) is now duct tape. It’s amazing what she (and her Grandma) have created. Bracelets, wallets, purses, mustaches, bags, bows, pencil toppers, etc. She [...]