Get in a Routine to Stay Healthy

Kill Germs with Lysol: Tips for Staying Healthy

Fevers, runny noses, birthday parties, classrooms, playdates – no matter where you go this fall, you’re running into sickness. You might hear the sneezes, see the hankies, notice the sniffles. If you’re like us, you just can’t afford to even THINK about getting sick again this fall. When one child gets sick, it means absenteeism […]

GoPhone: A Good to Go Smartphone

Fun at the Big E with AT&T!

We had such an amazing time at The Big E, guys. AT&T hooked us up with some tickets for the entire family to check out one of the biggest fairs I have ever seen. THE BIG E is BIG. We needed more time, another day, less kids and bigger stomachs. Oh my goodness, if you […]

7 Day Switch Up with Viva® Vantage®

7 Day Switch Up

Last Thursday, I was invited to go on a paper towel adventure with my girl, Dollops of Diane.  A paper towel adventure? Yes.  A paper towel adventure. I went back to my old stomping grounds to the place where I used to teach fifth and third grades to meet up with some of my blogging […]

A Sweet Cinnamon Roll Weekend

Cinnamon Rolls

When Nana comes to visit, breakfast is way more fun around here. She whips up chocolate chip pancakes for the kids’ breakfast the night before, having her batter ready first thing in the morning. Funny enough, Nana’s pancakes are a huge family tradition with all of her grandkids. Nana’s chocolate chip pancakes were my favorite […]

Back to School Supplies You Really Want

Back to School Organization

It’s not too late to organize, label and plan for back to school. Even though we’re in the thick of running to the bus, packing snacks and filling out forms, there’s still time to organize. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. Check out all this awesome. The labeling of the stuff has me all […]

Withings Activite Pop Smart Watch Activtiy and Sleep Tracker

Activity Tracker by Withings

This couldn’t have come at a better time. My band to my FitBit broke and I kept losing my charger. Enter Withings Activité Pop. Life is so much better with my new activity tracker from Withings because there is no charging and there are no tiny bits that get lost. It’s a watch and an […]

Kill Those Germs: They’re Coming for You!

Lysol Wipes - keep the kids healthy and the germs at bay!

We tried so hard to be ready. We had our backpacks and our school supplies purchased and packed, but the Stow kids still managed to fall sick during the first week of school – twice. Who misses their first day of kindergarten? Owen does. Who missed the following Friday? Owen did. I swear, it never […]

Back to School Everything at BJ’s Wholesale Club

Bakery Cookies from BJ's

A couple weeks ago, I took the kids to a super fun back to school event at BJ’s in Seekonk, MA where we met with Glenn Lyman, celebrity chef to many athletes and Olympians! He gently reminded us that it doesn’t have to be all PB & J for lunch, all day, every day. We […]

Get Your Scentsy On

One of the best selling and most popular Scentsy warmers - Cream Tulip

“Mom, sniff in. It smells like the beach in here!” “Really? You think so? “Ya, sniff up. Don’t you smell it? Can you smell it? See? Doesn’t it smell goooood?” I’m not the only one who likes this Scentsy stuff around here. Owen likes it too. I had no idea really. I knew I liked […]

How to Make Minion Eye Pretzel Snacks

How To Make The Cutest Minion Pretzel Snacks Ever!

Have you guys seen the Minion movie yet? I had the pleasure of taking the kids to see it this time and we had a blast, minus a little Junior Mint fiasco. As we were leaving the theater, Owen tried to give his brother one of those big, mean body bumps, but instead he stopped […]