Meet the All-New 2015 Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna Review

You heard it here, folks, the all new 2015 Toyota Sienna is here! You can stop into your local Toyota dealer and test drive the all-new Sienna model of your choice today! Is there anything more exciting than car shopping? That SMELL! Mmmm mmm mmm. New car. I was invited to check out the 2015 […]

Caribe Royale, Orlando Florida

Caribe Royale Orlando Florida Vacation .jpg

We recently returned from a romantic retreat to Caribe Royale, in sunny Orlando, Florida. The minute we stepped off that airplane we could feel that sultry Florida air and it felt so good. Upon arrival at the hotel, we were treated to goodies galore, and it was perfect because we were starving. We enjoyed a […]

A Florida Sunshine Getaway

Caribe Royale Pool

Old man winter sure has had a good go around up here in New England, but quite frankly, I’m sick of it all!  Has it not been the longest winter ever? It seems like our Disney vacation was a lifetime ago! I am just so sick of hats, boots, mittens, scarves and chapped lips! Sometimes […]

Another Rainy Day at Disney World

Paradise Palms Community Pool

No parks today, my friends. Raining and COLD again!!! Today was really supposed to be sunny and 72 (according to all the weather forecasts), but we had rain. By the evening though, the kids were swimming in the pool even though it was only about 62 degrees outside. It is so lovely here at Paradise […]

Day One in the Disney Parks

Mission: Space Epcot

After a cold, damp day at Downtown Disney we decided to start our #DisneySide park adventures at Epcot. Funny enough, I thought the weather was meant to clear, but it didn’t. Day one in the parks was another cold and wet one. Whatever, right? We made the best of it and the kids had a […]

This Doesn’t Suck

We have arrived, my friends, we have arrived. Feels so good to be warm. I forgot how much I love to travel. I forgot how fun it is to travel when you’re NOT pregnant. The kids did such a fantastic job through it all — a 4am wake-up call, traipsing through airports, holding hands, LISTENING, […]

2014 Toyota Corolla Preview

2014 Toyota Corolla

The all new 2014 Toyota Corolla replaces an outgoing model that everyone knew as a reliable and economical car.  It just wasn’t the most exciting thing on the road. Toyota invited Annie to experience the new Corolla in Miami a few weeks ago. UnFortunately, she was 9 months pregnant and couldn’t go, so I went […]

Dreams Really Do Come True At Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Although our stay at Disney World was short, we did manage to fit the most important meals and appointments in, thanks to lots of help form The Walt Disney World Moms Panel, Laura Spencer and the folks at the Disney Store and Memory Maker Mom.  Seriously, I’m not a planner.  And I would NEVER EVER […]

Driving to Disney World

Ever think about driving to Disney World while 32 weeks pregnant with your third child? It can be done, people.  Most of you thought we were completely NUTS, doing it all in just one week, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.  We did it and we’d do it again if we had to! […]

Florida Sunshine: April Vacation

I’ve pretty much been in summer mode since our  family trip to Florida back in April. We had a blast.  Let’s face it ~ the kids just need a great big pool to swim in and they’re happy.  Each day was the same:  breakfast, pool, lunch, nap, repeat.  Oh, and one terrific day at Legoland! […]