How to Save Money Using Coupons at BJ’s Wholesale Club

Using Manufacturers' Coupons at BJ's Wholesale Club

Did you know that BJ’s Wholesale Club is the only membership club that accepts manufacturers’ coupons? Guys, I had no idea. I’ve been missing out on a lot of savings. That means you get to use BJ’s issued coupons along with manufacturers’ coupons to help you save even more money for your family. I think […]

GoPhone: A Good to Go Smartphone

Fun at the Big E with AT&T!

We had such an amazing time at The Big E, guys. AT&T hooked us up with some tickets for the entire family to check out one of the biggest fairs I have ever seen. THE BIG E is BIG. We needed more time, another day, less kids and bigger stomachs. Oh my goodness, if you […]

7 Day Switch Up with Viva® Vantage®

7 Day Switch Up

Last Thursday, I was invited to go on a paper towel adventure with my girl, Dollops of Diane.  A paper towel adventure? Yes.  A paper towel adventure. I went back to my old stomping grounds to the place where I used to teach fifth and third grades to meet up with some of my blogging […]

Kill Those Germs: They’re Coming for You!

Lysol Wipes - keep the kids healthy and the germs at bay!

We tried so hard to be ready. We had our backpacks and our school supplies purchased and packed, but the Stow kids still managed to fall sick during the first week of school – twice. Who misses their first day of kindergarten? Owen does. Who missed the following Friday? Owen did. I swear, it never […]

Let’s End Mommy Wars Once and For All

Let's End the Mommy Wars once and for all!

Guys, I love all the positive coming out of the #SisterhoodUnite campaign with Similac. I’m definitely more aware of my very own Judgey McJudgey-like comments and thoughts and I’m working hard to be a better friend – maybe even a better wife, mother, sister, daughter, and person. I mean, we all get the message loud […]

Back to School Everything at BJ’s Wholesale Club

Bakery Cookies from BJ's

A couple weeks ago, I took the kids to a super fun back to school event at BJ’s in Seekonk, MA where we met with Glenn Lyman, celebrity chef to many athletes and Olympians! He gently reminded us that it doesn’t have to be all PB & J for lunch, all day, every day. We […]

How to Make Minion Eye Pretzel Snacks

How To Make The Cutest Minion Pretzel Snacks Ever!

Have you guys seen the Minion movie yet? I had the pleasure of taking the kids to see it this time and we had a blast, minus a little Junior Mint fiasco. As we were leaving the theater, Owen tried to give his brother one of those big, mean body bumps, but instead he stopped […]

LEGOLAND Hotel Review: Winter Haven, Florida

Legoland Hotel Florida: Full Review with tons of great photos of the entire hotel, including themed suiites! Don't miss the videos!

Minifigures, kick-ass elevators and all the LEGOS you could ever dream of – Welcome to the new Legoland Hotel in Winter Haven, Florida. We got to experience a two-night stay at the all new LEGOLAND Hotel Florida, situated right at the entrance of LEGOLAND Florida Resort. Staying at the hotel puts a whole new spin on […]

Motherhood: Let’s Stop Judging

Let's stop the mommy wars.

You should cut your baby boy’s hair. She shouldn’t have a binky. Your kid is over-scheduled. Why aren’t your kids in bed? Your toddler isn’t rear-facing? You didn’t breastfeed? You let them watch that? Not potty trained yet? You work? He shouldn’t be eating that. You’ve got your hands full. Sometimes it’s just a look. […]