Step and Go Travel System by Safety 1st

Step and Go Travel System Giveaway

As a mother of four, I’ve seen and used a lot of strollers in my day. The Step and Go Travel System by Safety 1st has pleasantly surprised me. I’m a minimalist, a lover of the old Snap N Go frame, so I had my doubts. This thing has so much to offer moms and […]

Get Your Tickets to the Big Apple Circus Boston

Big Apple Circus Boston

We had such an amazing night last night at the Big Apple Circus. We found this year’s acts to be far more entertaining than last year’s and the circus held the attention of all the Stow kids from start to finish. Little Andrew could not get enough, so if you’re asking yourself whether or not […]

SMARTCANDY Review and Giveaway

school snacks - try SMARTCANDY

I don’t know about your kids, but my kids are always begging me to buy them fruit snacks and gummies whenever we’re at the grocery store. My kids go bonkers over them. I’m a happy mom knowing that a healthier option is available in Target and Walmart. Meet SMARTCANDY®, a vitamin infused snack, by Snap […]

Just a Spoonful of Stonyfield

Stonyfield yobaby selfies

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew. What am I going to do with you? How could something that started out as dainty and innocent as a little cup of Stonyfield yogurt turn into such an organic mess? Dude, I gave you a spoon. This is YoToddler – toddlers eat with utensils. Or so I thought. There is no […]

On Becoming A Dance Mom

Dance America Competition

Holy heck, it’s over. It was tiring, but it was also memorable and way fun. As I type this, Emily is still dancing her heart out at the Dance Olympus workshop with the folks that put on the competition yesterday in Brockton. She gets to spend the day with their  instructors learning new choreography and improving […]

5 Tips for Your Trip to Great Wolf Lodge

5 Tips for the Great Wolf Lodge. What to pack for an amazing family getaway!

The Stow kids were completely in shock last Thursday afternoon when I picked them up early from school for “dentist appointments.” “Why is Daddy in the car?” “Why are there bags in the back?” “Where are we going?” After a full day of skiing at Wachusett on Monday, followed by two consecutive snow days for […]

How To Make the Best Homemade Pizza

How To Make The Best Homemade Pizza Ever!

Chris has been experimenting with homemade pizza for years. He’s tried homemade dough, store bought dough and ready-made crusts, all the while hoping to find something we’d all love. In the end, it turns out that the store bought dough turns out amazingly well if you follow some simple tricks. The Stow kids beg for […]

5 More Reasons To Ski Wachusett This Winter

Emily and Daddy at Wachusett Mountain

Two years ago, when the “big kids” were 4 and 7, we wrote 5 Reasons to Take Your Kids Skiing at Wachusett.  Now that those “big kids” are 6 and 9, their little brother is 4, and they’ve got a 1 year old baby brother, we’ve discovered another 5 reasons why Wachusett is a great place […]

YouTube Recap

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You didn’t miss last week’s videos, did you? Well, that’s ok if you did because I’ve got a recap of all our award winning clips for you right here! Watch now!

Stow Family Vlogs

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Hey Friends, Happy New Year! Have you been getting our updates on YouTube? NO? Why not? The answer must be yes. See, here I am basically begging you to subscribe to our totally awesome YouTube Channel. We’re at it again – making daily videos to make you laugh, smile, poke fun and what have you! […]