“As a newly launched business, HATCHEDit.com was looking for motivated and creative individuals to help educate potential users.  We absolutely found that in Annie Stow.  During the course of developing a marketing plan she was both open to our ideas while also bringing to the table new and creative ways to deliver our message.  She took the time to test drive our site and really integrate its use into her family’s day to day activities.  Thus, both her Vlog and blog posts delivered a compelling and honest message that came from the heart.  We were additionally amazed at the tenacity Annie displayed while planning our Twitter party.  Her pre-party prep was impressive and the execution flawless.  Certainly something we would have been hard-pressed to deliver without her help!  Kirsten and I both look forward to continuing to partner with Annie as our business grows.”  
Megan A. Brown
Founding Partner

“Annie Stow has brought a great deal of attention to the New England Chevrolet Dealers and the Chevrolet Traverse.  Her blogs are informative and tell the “every day” story in a fun and creative way of a family driving a Traverse.  Annie has done several commercials with the New England Chevy dealers.  She is tireless in her efforts and long on patience during hours of taping that usually includes her 3 children.  Annie is genuinely enthusiastic and always has a smile on her face when talking about how much she loves her Traverse.  She has been a true asset to our Social Media campaign.”
Dale Sinesi
On behalf of the New England Chevrolet Dealers Advertising Group


“Recently, Annie worked on building publicity for my business through a contest on her blog.  Her write up about my business and video clip were fabulous and very professional. It was exciting to see my fan base grow on facebook and people’s entries to win a custom portrait session.  More importantly, I scheduled 5 new clients that I hope leads to even more referrals!  Her write up was very “real” and relatable to the client base that I was targeting. The overall enthusiasm that Annie exhibited got people excited for my services and I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome.”

Amy Lewis
Sitting Pretty Portraits, Owner
“As a small business, we have limited advertising dollars and we need to carefully choose how they are spent. We chose Stowed Stuff.  We couldn’t have chosen a more outgoing and energetic Mom to capture the fun that goes on at our facility.  The videos Annie created are incredible and continue to help us increase our web traffic. She is a great representative of our brand and brought us a lot of new business soon after we opened our doors. Thank you, Annie, for all your hard work.”
Paul Stanton, Owner
Jump Trax, LLC1245 General Edwards Highway
Sharon, MA.  02067